At Strelleyfield, we are committed to producing ducklings of the highest quality, in a way which respects both the animal and the land on which they are raised. Our ethos is built upon a long-held passion for animal welfare. This means slower growing strains of bird raised in small flocks with portable shelters, allowing access to sunlight, fresh pasture, and lots of space for natural social interaction.

We feed them only high-quality, antibiotic-free grain mixes specifically formulated for their nutrition, and they also have the benefit of foraging on our diverse Tasmanian pastures for grasses, clovers, molluscs, and insects. This mobile approach keeps the birds content exploring fresh ranges, while replenishing soil health and fertility.

We believe that the Tasmanian climate is ideal for raising free range ducks due to its cool summers and reliable (incessant!) winds, which provide natural ventilation. We hope that the care and effort invested in our flocks can be tasted in the vividly flavoursome meats we produce, and that they will bring your favourite recipes to life.

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