Tamar Artisan Smallgoods was established from a simple desire by the owners to enjoy the very best bacon at their own table.

The name Tamar Artisan Smallgoods was chosen to reflect a desire to expand into other smallgoods varieties once the art of making dry cured bacon had been perfected and was successful in the market.

Using only the best Tasmanian ingredients, our bacon is made from Oldway Farm pork, Tasman Sea Salt and smoked with hand selected fruit wood logs, usually apple and cherry from the heart of the pristine Tamar Valley. The philosophy is all about quality ingredients and traditional methods.

Our product is a genuine artisan creation that takes around 18 days to produce a slab of bacon from a raw pork belly. The result is a full flavoured, smoky bacon that will transport the taste buds back to the days of how bacon tasted when you were a child. The product is never rushed, always a little different and constantly evolving and improving as any artisan product should.

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