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West Tamar Fungi is an Urban Mushroom Farm based at Legana run by Tim Murch with help from his wife Kylie and young family. It has been established and supplying local restaurants for over 2 years. Everything is made at Legana including the Agar cultures, grain spawn and grow bags, we also grow the mushrooms so the whole process is controlled by us ensuring the highest quality and making sure maximum money is circulated back into the local community.

At Harvest Market we aim to have a mix of the freshest gourmet mushrooms including Shiitake, Lions Mane, Black Oyster Hybrid, Pearl Oyster, White Oyster, Pink Oyster, Yellow Oyster and King Oyster. New varieties coming soon will include Enoki, Pioppino and Coral Tooth Lions Mane as we have our own unique strains we are working on currently.We also sell our own grow bags and grain spawn with all the instructions to help you grow the freshest mushrooms at home.

Contact West Tamar Fungi at:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0417 961 221

Web: https://www.westtamarfungi.com