From chemist to maker of plant based food, meet Dr Julie Martyn of Artisa.

ARTISA has been making plant food in Tasmania since 2016 when the company founder, Julie, left her academic research position in Sydney to move to Tasmania and start her vegan food enterprise. As a passionate foodie, and a vegan, she believes that people who are dairy free should be able to enjoy a pleasurable eating experience. Drawing on her background as a research scientist, as well as gaining inspiration from dairy cheesemaking techniques, she set about creating a range of plant based food like no other.

All of Artisa’s products are cashew nut based and are all cultured using a non-dairy probiotic culture. Julie is very passionate about the fantastic vegan friendly produce that is available in Tasmania and she has incorporated a wide variety of locally sourced ingredients into her range. Some from the range are year round favourites such as the pepperberry dusted ‘kunanyi’ or the ‘Van Diemen’ or ‘Ben Lomond’ that both feature house made Tasmanian vine ash. Others are seasonally available such as the ‘Tarkine Log’ with Tasmanian cherries and hazelnuts.

“We are very proud of our plant based food range and we are consistently delighted by the positive feedback we get, not just from vegans or dairy free customers, but from others who are simply curious about what we do, and are interested in trying something new.”


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