One of Tasmania’s premiere sourdough bakeries

For artisan baker Ian Lowe of Apiece Bakery, passion, patience, science and hands on dedication are the key ingredients of his traditional Italian inspired sourdough loaves and pastries.  

Ian has studied the science of fermentation for the past 20+ years and has worked under master artisan bakers in New York and Melbourne.  He settled in Tasmania following a holiday here that reminded him of the Hudson Valley in New York State.

The natural fermentation is a long and slow process.  It all begins with Ian’s own culture and freshly milled flour that captures the local yeasts and microbes.  Then flour, water and microbes are put to work to prove for 36 hours for bread and for 48 hours for the pastries. All dough is leavened at room temperature. Once the fermentation is complete, the dough is cut and shaped by hand to create the array of delectable offerings.


Apiece Sourdough Bakery

Telephone: 0456 473 046

Email: [email protected]


This stallholder has Eftpos facilities.