Meet LT, fermenter and kombucha maker

Avocado Moon is Tasmania’s first kombucha brewer and we are here to bring you the highest quality, locally sourced, artisanal kombucha around. Looking to the seasons and farmers for inspiration, we aim to bring you something a little different and entirely Tassie. With brews such as: Lemon Myrtle, Blackberry Ginger, Strawberry Basil and Lavender Thyme, we aspire to capture the flavor of the island in every bottle. Sourcing local isn’t the only priority at the top of our list, so is the environment. This is why we have made the conscious decision brew in glass and have initiated a bottle return program. Yep, that’s right, just like the good ‘ole days, we collect our bottles back and reuse them.

A strange name for a kombucha company, Avocado Moon is actually the ever-evolving dream and life’s work of owner, Lauren Thomas (you may know her as LT).

“It’s the burning desire within me to create, it’s my longing for a better future, it’s my passion for teaching and learning, learning and teaching. For me, that looks like an educational farm, which encourages and enables people to explore the potential and beauty of a sustainable life; a life less taxing on the environment and the seven generations that will inhabit it after us. This is my dream. This is Avocado Moon.”

Brewing kombucha is our first step towards that dream. We are here to educate Tasmania on the benefits of fermented food and bring order back into the chaos that is the result of an industrialized food system.

Contact: Avocado Moon Brew

Telephone: 0499 567 259

Email: [email protected]


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