Provenance Coffee Co. is based in Launceston Tasmania, headed by a small team who are passionate about making the finest possible coffee for your cups, whether that be in your local cafe or at home. At Provenance we want to know exactly where our coffee has come from, we want to know the coffee farmer’s name, their farming practice and exactly where the farm is positioned, ensuring we get the best coffee beans available each season. At the roastery we look at this information and roast to a specific recipe to best showcase each single origin and identify profiles to suit either espresso or manual brew method. The word Provenance in Latin refers to the place of origin and a record of ownership for a work of art, which is what our roastery seeks to achieve by tracing the provenance of your coffee, and engaging the notion of quality every step of the way.

Our Coffee: We roast our coffee in tune with the seasons, releasing a single origin from key coffee growing regions every few months. We seek to develop long-term relationships that benefit the farmers and their small-lot coffee communities, ensuring them a high-end price and ongoing business for exceptional coffee. This is also known as ‘Relationship Coffee’ whereby the roastery partners with the farm and guarantees repeat business each harvest, in exchange for better practice and in turn better beans, making the farmer’s labour of love more sustainable.

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