The Bolani Stall is an Afghan Families initiative – producing a traditional Afghan food pocket. It is delicious and can be carried in one hand, eating this delicious snack while you are wandering around the market. Ideal for a late breakfast on the go!

Various forms of bolani exist in many countries using different ingredients. Afghan bolani is made from potatoes, leeks, spring onions, coriander, tomatoes and mint. It is served with local Tasmanian yoghurt. It is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

Bolani is also produced and provided to the community at the other local food markets.

In the families’ home country it was developed in small communities, where ingredients were sourced in the mountains. It was traditionally cooked in ‘tunnels’ or fire pits. It is an integral part of family life and celebrations and is eaten at Ramadan time.

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email: [email protected]