Meet Ben Pyka of 41˚ South Tasmania.

41° South Tasmania is a unique and ecologically sustainable inland salmon farm, ginseng nursery and wetlands in the heart of Tasmania.

The Pyka family have over the years streamlined and finessed the wetlands system on their farm. Taking its name from the latitude on which it sits, 41° South Tasmania uses the cold pristine waters of the nearby Montana Falls to grow fish from hatchlings to maturity, at about 45 cm in length. The water is then reticulated through the natural and man-made wetlands, and returned, pristine again, to the creek. Today, the platypus calls the wetlands, which also attracts many species of birds, home.

In addition to the fish bounty, 41° South Tasmania grows American and Korean ginseng. The cool climate and soil types are ideal for this fleshy plant with its sought-after roots. Ginseng – from the Chinese meaning of “man-root” for the fork shaped root resembling a man’s legs – has culinary and medicinal properties and is harvested between 7 and 15 years of age. The first plantings were in 1995, since then many years of experimenting with tree growth and mulching methods have realised a small but increasing ginseng crop. Not content to simply sell fresh or dried ginseng, this family of entrepreneurs is constantly expanding their range of products.

The salmon are hot smoked on site and delicious products are made using an artfully crafted brine of secret herbs and spices.  These products include hot baby smoked salmon, boneless snack portions and fillets and also a salmon rillettes spread.

The farm is near Deloraine, a 45-minute drive from Launceston and is open seven days a week to the public for self-guided farm tours and light cafe lunches that feature their signature salmon.

Contact 41º South Tasmania

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Phone: 0448 236 836

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