Meet Kim and Daniel Croker of Fork it Farm

At Fork it Farm we not only grow the produce, we also transform it into amazing meat and charcuterie products… we are ethicurean farmers.

Our heritage Berkshire pigs are raised naturally on open pastures and our farm is also home to sheep, cattle and poultry.

We butcher and cure our artisanal charcuterie on-farm, using only meats which deserve to be celebrated.

We are proud to practise whole animal butchery at Fork it Farm: this means that we use every part of the animal to make our products and we have designed our product range based on this ethos. 

Our processes and products are curated to bring out the best in every cut of the animal, whether it’s hot smoked bacon or the humble jowl – each element is important and out of respect to our animals, we give each piece of meat the time and respect it deserves.  

All our products are free of chemicals, artificial colouring, flavourings, emulsifiers, preservatives or nitrates, and we only use 100% compostable packaging.

Fork it Farm attend Harvest on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Contact: Fork it Farm:

Phone:  0431 862 560

Email: [email protected]