My parents, Robert and Sandra, first planted mechanically harvestable blackcurrants and raspberries on our farm in the early 1990s. From humble beginnings, our berry business has grown from a solitary picker to employing over 120 staff during the peak season and supplying over 100 customers nationally.

We are a family business. All the family – brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunties – help out each summer. We have a great location to grow berries and our high quality fruit is used as ingredients in a wide range of high quality value-added products. That makes me pretty proud. I think it’s important to eat healthy food that tastes great and I believe Tasmanian berries falls in that category.

The Harvest Market give us the opportunity to interact with our customers, talk about what we do, and provide them with the freshest, ripest and best tasting seasonal fruit available. People are really interested in how their raspberries are grown and picked. And it is always nice to introduce customers to the new fruits that we are growing on the farm outside our popular raspberries and blackcurrants – who knew there were such things as josterberries, silvanberries or golden raspberries!

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