Potted Tulips, Probiotics and a Blooming Good Time! – September 22, 2018

At Harvest this week we have Tasman Sea Salt for their monthly visit from Swansea.  The Three Fermented Queens will have their immune boosting, probiotic kombucha and pickled vegetables  Put some sparkle into your morning with a visit to Brady’s Lookout Cider and don’t forget to snag some sausages from Real Beef, Langdale or Mount Gnomon.  Add some colour to your life with potted tulips from TNGT.

Blooming Tasmania’s annual exploration of all things horticulture is on this weekend at the Albert Hall.  There will be talks and demonstrations that cover a diverse range of topics on Howe to start a garden from scratch; caring for your indoor plants, garden tourism and a visit from Peter Cundall.

The weather for Saturday is forecast to be an improvement on last week… so that’s good news!