As Tasmanians ourselves, we are adamant about providing all-natural, locally sourced Tasmanian ingredients for your dog’s meals, treats and meal boosters. Our focus is to place your dog’s nutrition first by using real ingredients with tasty recipes designed by a pet nutritionist maximising and maintaining the freshness of Tasmanian produce in our dog food. You could say, we’re dogmatic when it comes to remaining ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, Tasmanian owned and operated, honoured to support local business, farmers and the local community.

Once a month, Our Patch Pet Food hosts a free live Q&A event with an animal behaviourist from Victoria It’s an opportunity to ask an expert about any behavioural concerns you may have with your dog. All information for future events like this can be found on our Facebook page. 

Our Patch Pet Food is brings their pureness for dogs to the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market once a month.

Contact: Laurelyn Scicluna

Tel: 0492 973 307

Email: [email protected]