HARVEST MARKET 22nd February 2020 – THIS WEEK

This weekend at Harvest we welcome back Elphin Grove Farm with their delicious sweetcorn, baby corn, and crunchy celeriac freshly harvested from the family farm in Sassafras. The unusually cool weather has meant a longer than usual wait, but well worth it when you taste these beauties. Nothing beats a hot cob of steamed sweetcorn with a generous knob of butter – so simple yet so moorish!

Celeriac is a vegetable that might be unfamiliar to some. A variety of celery cultivated for its edible bulbous stem, it can be roasted, stewed, blanched or eaten raw. It’s always good weather for soup in Tasmania, so why not whip up a pot full of creamy celeriac soup this weekend, served with lashings of olive oil from Lentara Grove, The Village Olive Grove or Coronea Grove and a slice of toasted sourdough from Sandy’s Sourdough or Apiece.

Eliza’s Restaurant have some new seasonal menu items and will be at the market this weekend. Come and try Eliza’s Salt & Pepper Tofu or Herb & Tofu wontons both served with quinoa tabouli and a squeeze of fresh lime. Finish with a slice of her blueberry, apple and hazelnut gluten free cake and we can guarantee the stressors of your working week will instantly become a distant memory.

Our Vintage Tamar: 2020 showcase this weekend will be Marions Vineyard, one of the oldest plantings on the West Tamar. Come and have a chat to winemaker Cynthea Semmens, sample her Marions and Beautiful Isle labels, and learn more about this inaugaural event celebrating the grape harvest and wine vintage of the Tamar Valley.

Fiddle Stix will be performing this Saturday at Harvest, wowing crowds with their celtic tunes, youthful energy and incredible musical talent, followed by solo acoustic artist Elkie Kershaw to set your weekend mood right.

See you at the market!