Salts to savour and floral bouquets to delight

Catch Tasman Sea Salt at Harvest Launceston this Saturday for their monthly visit to stock up on local East Coast salt. Indulge in floral delights from LilyFarm. To brighten up the autumn garden and find out  what to plant and when, see Tim at Plants Direct. Do not forget some biochar, the black gold food for your garden made by Frank’s Char. At A Pinch Of …. Robyn is perfecting the art of finishing salts to add a delicious touch to any meal. Do not forget to stock up with some kombucha, cider and beer.

Do the world a favour and stock up on organic vegetables from Seven Springs and take a few minutes out of your morning to talk to Wouter to learn about the farm and its growing philosophy. Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes are hosting their annual festival on Sunday and will be absent from the market this week.

The weather this Saturday is looking good for shopping, partly cloudy with patchy morning fog and light winds. Temperatures are forecast to range between 11° and 26° C.