Meet Guy Robertson from Mount Gnomon Farm.
Mount Gnomon Farm rests against the pristine Dial Range, a tract of wilderness that stretches from Penguin to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania’s north-west. The farm is a destination in itself where you can wander through the paddocks on a guided secret life of pigs tour, taste ethically raised meat and garden produce in the on farm restaurant or try cider made from heritage apples.

Farmer Guy Robertson is passionate about maintaining heritage breeds and plants from the Wessex saddleback pig to rare breed sheep, cattle, chooks, ducks and apples. The abundant vegetable garden supplies the restaurant and his stall at the market each week.

Guy’s relationship with the Wessex Saddleback began in 2009 when he bought 35 hectares of “beautiful red dirt behind the seaside village of Penguin in North West Tasmania”. The hobby farm soon became a serious free range farm. Guy chose the rare Wessex Saddleback breed because of the superb quality of the meat but also to help save the breed from extinction.  The reason the breed fell out of favour was because it required the space to forage and was not suited to intensive piggeries.  At Mount Gnomon, the health and welfare of the animals is paramount which means far more than simply the freedom to roam. Visitors to Mount Gnomon will see pigs being pigs, rooting up the ground, eating grass, lazing in the sun or snuggling up when not playing with one another. There are no farrowing crates or sow stalls but plenty of shelters.

Each week at Harvest Launceston, Guy showcases the wonderful quality of the pork from this heritage breed and at the same time restores their value as commercially viable.

Mount Gnomon Farm sells a range of lamb, pork and beef products which includes: roasts, ham chorizo, various sausages and most importantly get your order in for a Christmas ham.

Try a cider made from apples picked from the Mount Gnomon heritage orchard. It’s been handcrafted by his younger brother Mark of Lost Pippin fame and is available in four-packs of cans.

Contact Mount Gnomon Farm

Guy: 0448 067 779

address: 886 Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin, Tasmania