Jam packed with harmonies – 20th October, 2018

Join Vox Harmony and sing for your produce at Harvest this week…. they literally want you to join in if you would like to.  There will be song books available for market goers to join in this public sing-along.  Make sure you’re vocal chords are warm!

If singing is not your thing, why not be inspired in the veggie patch this weekend, with a range of tomato, lettuce and vegetable seedlings available from Plants Direct and, although TNGT will not be at the market on Saturday,  you can head out to their farm this weekend for their annual tomato seedling sale – check our their facebook event for more details. Vix Kitch is back this week, so bring back your empty jars and the Three Fermented Queens return with their hand crafted probiotic kombucha, krauts and kim chi. Langdale Farm, Tasman Sea Salt and George Town Seafoods will be at Harvest this week, and be sure to visit the Real Beef stall to try some of their delicious beef produce. Mt Roland Free Range will be at the market with their free range chicken and duck eggs.

The weather is looking like great market weather; mild with a minimum of 13° and a maximum of 20°, with light to moderate winds and a chance of a shower in the morning.