@Harvest | December 18, 2021

It is quintessential December small-talk. Whether you’re waiting in line for your morning latte, standing by while a pimple-faced teen awkwardly wraps that gift you’re obliged to buy for your inappropriate uncle, or while you silently seeth at being caught in the canteen line with that annoying co-worker you will invariably hear some variation on: “Oh my goodness can you believe it is December already, doesn’t time fly?”. At about which point skipping the canteen lunch seems most preferable.

Well, fear not dear patron because you’ll hear none of that nonsense from us. With the biggest Harvest Market of the year upon us and dialled up to 11 we’re far to busy for the inane. We are solely focused on bringing you the very finest Tasmania has to offer for your Christmas table.

What is really frothing our ‘nog though, is that it is less than a week until our annual Christmas Night Market! On Wednesday the 22nd of December from 6.30 pm we will transform our dull car park into a vibrant, bustling celebration of year’s end. Your final opportunity to stock up on treats, gifts, booze and ingredients for the holiday period. Don’t be caught short, come along and celebrate the final Harvest of 2021 with us.

If you’re a little shy on inspiration, keep an eye out for the recipes this week. We’ll be posting some tips, tricks and variations for your ham glaze. And after a wildly successful and tremendous cooking demonstration with Tamar Valley Truffles, we will share with you the Truffle ThreeCheeseburger recipe, which while not classically Christmas themed, is certain to blow your guests away with flavour and luxury.  Or if you really can’t be bothered, how about picking up a Harvest Gift Voucher for your friends or fam bam?

The Stallholder list is exceptional this week, with our seasonal producers in full flight, truffles making a cheeky out-of-season cameo, a full complement of flower growers and a battery of distillers, eggs, condiments, seedlings and sweet treats, if you can’t find enough for a Christmas feast amongst all this, not even Santa himself could help you.

The SOMA stage will be bought to life by Lilly Sideris and Willy Post, and we promise it will be free from Christmas carols, we all get more than enough Mariah and Sammy Davis elsewhere, thanks very much.

Dunking a gingerbread man in the Harvest egg-nog this week is:

41 Degrees South  
A Pinch of Tasmania
Afghani Bolani
All Things Cherry
Avocado Moon
Brady’s Lookout Cider
Cake of Peace
Coronea Grove
Corra Linn Distillery
Delicious Little Things
Della Valle Gelato
Derwent distillery
Elgaar Farm & The Grain Family
Felds Farm
Fork It Farm
Franks Char
George Town Seafoods
Hazelbrae Hazelnuts
Hillwood Fresh Food Co
Honey Tas
Laos Fresh Farm
Lentara Grove
Lily Farm
Meat Bread Cheese
Metcalf Distillery
Metz Pet Muchines
Mount Gnomon Farm
Mr B & T Mushrooms & Eden Green Garden
New Norfolk Distillery
Oldway Farm
One On The Slide
Plants Direct
Provenance Coffee
Red Cow Organics
Ritual Coffee
Sandy’s Sourdough
Seoul Food
Seven Sheds
Sheffield Berry Gardens
Small Grain
Southern Sky Cheese 
Steve’s Vegies
Sweet Wheat
Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs
Tamar Valley Truffles
Tas Juice Press
Tas Natural Garlic and Tomatoes
Tassie Hemp Shop
Taste of Tam O’Shanter 
The Green Flower Farm
The Tea Equation
Thirlstane Gardens
Three Peaks Organics  
Village Olive Grove
Vix Kitch
Wanderer Mead
West Bee Honey
West Tamar Fungi
Westerway Berry Farm
Windara Orchard

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