What is the Friends of Harvest program?

The program enables community organisations and social enterprises to spend the morning at the Harvest market to promote their organisation or event, Attendance of organisations is at the discretion of the Harvest Committee. In return their volunteers provide help with the setting up and dismantling of the market infrastructure, and staffing the gates. Volunteers get to enjoy a cup of Ritual coffee and a selection of options for breakfast.

How can Harvest help my organisation?

Harvest Launceston has a local social media network that reaches into the thousands and in exchange for your help, we can run a profile on your organisation and promote it through our social media channels during that week.

What do we have to do?

It takes four volunteers to set up the marquees, four more to take it down and four to staff the gates. These numbers tell the true story of the market, that it appears and disappears only because of the amazing effort and dedication of the volunteers who come each Saturday to assist in making Harvest happen.

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