Ducks, Kimchi and Welcome Fork it Farm – 29th June, 2019

This week we see the much anticipated return of Fork It Farm with their delectable range of pork and charcuterie products. Daniel and Kim breed, raise and finish their Berkshire pigs on fresh pasture and a diverse natural diet. This results in happy pigs and happy customers with a rich and clean flavoured pork.

Why not dine on duck this weekend? Mathew from Strelleyfield is back again for his monthly visit with a freezer full of tasty whole and maryland peking duck. With a side of roast apples (Windara Orchard) and cider (Brady’s Lookout Cider) gravy, your Saturday night meal is sorted.

Kimchi Me will join us this weekend with their range of Kimchi products on offer. Did you know kimchi is full of healthy bacteria and probiotics as a result of the fermentation process? Not only does it taste good, it has loads of health benefits and is said to assist in optimising gut health.

As usual, there will be our regular stallholders offering you a variety of farm grown produce, homemade products and freshly baked treats. See our ‘Meet Our Stallholders’ page for a complete list of stall holders and their offerings.

See you at the market!